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New solutions for dry skin

New solutions for dry skin

Dry skin on your feet can be very uncomfortable, even painful!  I see people struggling with skin conditions of the feet every day.  These can range from simple corns and calluses to heel fissures and scaling.  At Lexington Podiatry, we have a number of products that have proven successful in treatment.

Gormel cream with urea is a product we offer that works great for extremely dry skin, cracks and fissures.  Urea loves water.  By applying it to your feet regularly, it absorbs moisture from the environment and holds onto water in your own skin.  It is also a keratolytic, which is a fancy way of saying it softens the hardest outside layer of your skin.  This product soothes your feet, and makes your skin more supple.

We also offer our own line of products from Dr. Kelly’s Apothecary.  Growing up the granddaughter of a podiatrist, Dr. Arthur O. Kelly, I was taught how to mix custom and individual salves in small tins for customers.  Customers always loved them!  There are a lot of great skin products out, there but I couldn’t always find what I wanted.  To carry on the tradition, we created Dr. Kelly’s Apothecary with ingredients that are natural, organic and mixed by Lexingtonians.  These products range from spa-like items and daily foot creams to creams with specific medicinal ingredients.

All of our products include our homemade signature blend of lemongrass, sage and tea tree oils.  This is our first line of products, which has proved very successful with customers.  They include:

Liquid Foot Soap – This ultra-soft, two-in-one bath and shower foam can be used from head to toe. It’s made with certified organic Castille soap with our special blend of natural    oils.  Use this foaming soap daily and before your foot care routine. This gentle liquid soap contains our proprietary blend of organic ingredients to soothe weathered feet and hands. It has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It helps relieve the effects of dry skin, arthritis, muscle and joint pain, fungus and plantar warts.

Foot soak — A soothing combination of Dead Sea and epsom salts for a calming and relaxing experience with Safflower Oil. Usage: Add approximately 1 to 2 Tbsp. of Foot Soak crystals to a foot bath or basin filled with warm water. Soak feet for 10 – 15 minutes to soften and moisturize skin.  Coarse Dead Sea salts combined with epsom salts and our organic oil blend to gently detoxify, clean, soften, and rejuvenate your feet. This moisturizes skin and relieves muscle pain.  It is anexfoliant, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial. It improves circulation, tight muscles, muscle and joint pain, eczema, fungus and warts while removing foot odor.

Foot Scrub — Dead Sea Salts blended with shea butter, safflower oil and lecithin in our homemade signature mixture. Immediately after soaking, use at least 2 scoops of scrub, and massage gently into feet and legs. Next, submerge 2 hand towels into warm water. Ring out 90 percent of the water and wrap one around each leg. Let stand 5 minutes. This is a rich, creamy blend of the finest organic ingredients that makes feet feel flawless. It is an anti-inflammatory, moisturizer, emollient, exfoliant, antifungal and antibacterial that increases circulation and eases tense muscles. It helps relieve dry skin, eczema, arthritis, edema, foot odor, muscle and joint pain, nail fungus and warts.

Foot cream — Ultra-moisturizing, rejuvenating foot repair salve for nourishing dry skin. A mixture of vitamin E, shea butter, jojaba, castor, vegatable and glycerin oils accented with rosemary and grapefruit seed extracts. After you’ve rinsed off the foot scrub and patted your legs down, massage the cream into your feet and legs. Once a week wrap around your feet, put your socks on for 30 minutes over and  then remove to really moisturize your feet. Perfect for using before bedtime. This proprietary cream combines our signature organic oil blend with the finest organic ingredients. It is a gentle but nourishing cream that softens and moisturizes your feet and helps to relieve drying and cracking of the feet.

Bar Foot Soap — Exfoliating and moisturizing soap for gentle dermabrasion with apricot seeds, whole oats, shea butter, vegetable and glycerin oil. For daily use at any time, or after your scrub massage on each foot. This soothing soap is perfect for moisturizing and increasing circulation in your feet. It also has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It helps relieve the effects of dry skin, arthritis, muscle and joint pain, fungus and warts.

If you are having problems with chronic dry skin, call our office for an appointment at 859-264-1141.

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