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Accommodating patients with chemical sensitivities

Accommodating patients with chemical sensitivities

Just received this email from Marie, one of our newest patients, and it really wowed everyone on our staff.  It means so much to us to know that we were able to help a patient like this. Thanks for such a great recommendation, Marie!

“Having had quite a few negative experiences with doctors in the past, I’m always extremely reluctant to seek help for any medical issue. However, after months on end of excruciating foot pain, I finally relented and did an online search for a Lexington podiatrist.

“I was able to email Dr. Freels ahead of time and ask a few questions as well as explaining my situation of having chemical sensitivities. Being hypersensitive to fragrances and room fresheners often prohibits me from entering offices without ending up ill for several days. Dr. Freels answered my email promptly and was so understanding and reassuring that I decided to make an apt. I was able to get in the following day and she was kind enough to not even have the scented candles burning in the waiting area since she knew I was coming. It seems like a rather insignificant thing but because of that I was able to get through the evaluation and consultation without enduring a migraine.

“Although I was extremely nervous with the appointment. the staff was so professional, friendly and caring and put me right at ease. I was also impressed with how immaculate the office was and I had no issues at all with fragrances or odors of any kind.

“The wait time was quite brief and Dr. Freels was exceptional! She was very patient, understanding and empathetic and took time to answer all of my questions. Since I also have zero tolerance for medications, she offered me advice on conservative measures, exercises and some simple splint therapy to use at home to help alleviate my symptoms. As it turns out, I have issues with arthritis, bursitis, tendinitis, and a neuroma …which explains why I was in so much pain!

“Before visiting Dr. Freels, I’d had numerous days when I couldn’t even put weight on that foot and was limping. Since I’ve been following her recommendations for the past couple of weeks, my pain has all but subsided and I’m walking normally once again. I know that the arthritis will flare up from time to time but I now have a better idea of how to keep that toe joint flexible and not locked up.

“It was such a wonderful experience to find a doctor like Dr. Freels and I’m so relieved to know that Lexington Podiatry is there if I need help with my feet in the future. My visit with Dr. Freels was without a doubt the most positive experience I’ve ever had with a first time consultation with a doctor and I would highly recommend her to anyone having foot issues.”

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