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A patient who actually recommends shots? Of course!

A patient who actually recommends shots? Of course!

Here’s a great testimonial from a recent patient! So many people put off seeing a podiatrist because they fear the treatment will hurt more than the condition, but that’s not the case. Here’s what our patient, Pat has to say:

“I have been dealing with pain in the ball of my foot and going down between my third and fourth toes on my left foot for years.  When the pain became so bad that it was paralyzing my foot momentarily I decided to see a Podiatrist.  I did a search on the internet which led me to Dr. Freels for various reasons the main one was she came highly recommended in this area.  She also had a blog about exactly what was going on with my foot/toes.

“I started seeing Dr. Freels in mid June 2011 and she said that I had a Neuroma.  The first treatment she recommended was a steroid injection followed by a series of alcohol injections (she uses a cold spray that way the patient does not feel much pain from the injection).  She gave me the first injection on the first visit and she finished the injections around the end of September 2011.  While undergoing the treatment I was able to continue my active lifestyle as well continues working with very minimal time loss from work.   I even took numerous trips to Gatlinburg TN (for shopping) and FL.  During the treatment I had minimum pain none of the paralyzing pain in the foot I was having before.

“When the numbing and pain return in November 2011 which I believe was caused by a special project I was assigned at work which required me to do a lot of being on my tiptoes and squatting again my toes.  I called her office and they schedule me an appointment right away.  Again Dr. Freels gave me what I considered great news which was we could try a couple more alcohol injections, which we are presently doing.

“Dr. Freels was great choice for me personally because she has and is trying everything possible to give me relief without surgery which I exactly what I love about her.  Her staff is outstanding as well and I have never had to wait more that just a very few minutes in fact most of the time I arrive early and have see her and out of her office before my appointment time.  She also takes time to explain and listen to your concerns. “

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