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Why are my feet all tingly?

Why are my feet all tingly?

There are a few different reasons this could be happening.

Possible Reasons Your Feet Are Tingly

    1. Usually a loss of sensation in a specific area indicates a loss of blood circulation. First, check your shoes. Are they too tight or too small? Shoes can and will greatly influence your feet. In addition check your socks to make sure they are not too tight causing reduced blood circulation. Sometimes the band at the top will be too tight.
    2. Is the tingling located mostly in the ball of the foot, accompanied by what feels like a rock in your shoe? You may have a neuroma.
    3. For chronic numbness, the cause could be a more serious problem. Peripheral neuropathy is a condition that effects diabetics and can cause tingling, burning or numbing sensations in your feet. Although this may not seem too alarming, this condition can cause ulcers, infections…even amputations. You need to check your feet regularly and see a podiatrist if you have had chronic numbness.


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