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Practical Tips for Choosing the Right Boot To Wear in the Snow

Practical Tips for Choosing the Right Boot To Wear in the Snow

As our famed Mr. Groundhog has predicted, we’re stuck with another 6 weeks of winter weather. By the looks of it outside….he was right. So, we’re going to have to keep our cute heels and open-toed shoes in the closet a bit longer.

The good news…we need more shoes to help us thru the snow that’s piling up on our front door. So, Macy’s here we come!

A few tips to keep you from falling on you A** outside.
1. Look for a rubber sole. Preferably with some type of grip on the bottom of it.

2. Look for an above the ankle boot. This will provide much needed ankle support as you are gliding on the ice. This will prevent an inevitable ankle sprain. Afterall, you need to be in your best shape to fit into those heels now that Keeneland is around the corner.

3. Look for a shoe that has a wedge. This will allow more rearfoot stability. These are much easier to walk in for a long period of time. Your feet tend to fatigue quicker in a stiletto type boot.

4. Cushion in the forefoot will go a long way. There are multiple uses for silicone. Silicone pads can be easily added to any shoe or boot. I have these at my office for purchase. Bring your shoes in and we will place them for you.

5. We don’t want the salt to ruin our material. If it’s wet outside, wear a leather that can easily be wiped off. Reserve the suede or any material that easily absorbs water for the cold, but, not so snowy days.

6. If standing for an extended amount of time, choose a lower profile heel, such as 2 inches.

7. Wear thick, cotton socks. This provides more cushion and will absorb sweat. If you have to wear a nylon sock, pantyhose or tights, spray your shoes and feet with anti-fungal spray. Over the counter products do not contain the same “strength” as prescription anti-fungals. Don’t waste your money. I can write you a prescription or they are available in my office. You may obtain these without a doctor’s visit. Our staff can help guide you in choosing what is most appropriate for you.

Lastly, BE CAREFUL! It’s slick out there!!!

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