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Just How Steady Are You?

Just How Steady Are You?

Click to learn more about fall risk.Have you ever stopped to think about your balance? Probably not. It’s just a normal part of life-one that changes as we age.

From the occasional stumbling or stabilizing yourself with a wall, to the inability to get out of a chair without using your arms for assistance… the changes that occur often happen so gradually that we sometimes don’t even notice.

So why is this important? Because a decrease in balance will lead to a fall. The question then becomes, how can I stay safe and prevent myself from falling? The answer may be more simplistic than you think…

The surprising solution? Choosing the correct footwear. This alone can lead to a reduction in the risk of falling by 45%!

Proper Shoe Fit 

  1. Low heel height
  2. Must cover/ conceal the back of your heel
  3. Firm Sole
  4. Correct Fit

Do your shoes meet these criteria? How about the difference in the shoes you wear at home verses the shoes you wear when you go out? It is s proven fact that the most falls happen at home, when you are much more likely to be wearing inappropriate shoes.

Changing this one little habit can seriously decrease the risk of falling and the consequences that entail such as broken bones, hospitalizations, and long periods of rehab. Think about this the next time you slip your feet into those fuzzy, flexible, backless house shoes… Is it worth it?

I don’t think so!

If you suspect that you may be at risk for a fall or have even had one in the past, make an online appointment with Lexington Podiatry or call (859) 264 – 1141 today!