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Happy National Mole Day

Happy National Mole Day

Celebrate by learning about how to detect early tumor signs on your feet.

Skin cancer can develop on the feet and is mostly related to irritation, chronic inflammation, viruses or exposure to chemicals.

Did you know?

Skin cancer can also be inherited. One of the most common cancers of the feet is Malignant Melanoma. This type of skin cancer occurs on the skin of the feet, occasionally beneath a toenail, on the soles and on the top of the feet.

To spot this skin cancer, check if you have a small brown-black spot or bump, but be aware it can lack brown pigment and appear pink or red.

These tumors can resemble common moles. It’s wise to have a checkup with a podiatrist because we’re able to recognize and treat conditions on your feet that you may not be able to spot. Early detection of skin tumors is extremely important!

If you are experiencing any pain or you think you may spot a mole that you would like us to check out, please call us at 859-264-1141 or make an online appointment.

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